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 2023 AHCAE National

Conference - Virtual!

July 27-29, 2023

Up to 35 CEUS!



 AHCAE events, practicums and educational trainings are approved for CEUs by some organizations while others, certain sessions only.





The Association of Health Care Auditors and Educators is dedicated to excellence in quality education and health care auditing certification.

We will continually strive to develop and promote high level auditing standards and educational programs necessary for our members to comply within the health care regulatory arena.

We were the first in auditing credentialing for coding and compliance related reviews including HCCs!  The CHCRA (Certified Healthcare Risk Auditor) exam is the only HCC auditing credential that is available. This was developed at the request of our HCC auditing members.

The AHCAE will continue to bring the personal training approach to allow members to achieve best practices within the auditing industry. Optionally, those serious in becoming nationally recognized as a healthcare chart auditor may register for one of the other AHCAE credentials The Certified Healthcare Chart Auditor (CHCA),Certified Healthcare Chart Auditor-Facility (CHCAF), and Certified healthcare Chart Auditor-Surgical (CHCAS) exams; and coming in 2022 CDM and DME!

Outside of our 2 and 4-Day Intensive Chart Auditing Practicum (Professional or Facility), the AHCAE offers a 3 Day Intensive Chart Auditing Practicum for Surgical Auditing.  We also offer on-site training, webinars, audios and full 1 
and 2 day educational sessions focused on auditing, compliance, coding and practice management. For information on the original "Intensive Chart Auditing Practicum," click on the link.

AHCAE provides tailored and on-site training to meet your companies specific needs.  Feel free to contact us.


Join us by registering for one of the Intensive Chart Auditing Practicum Workshops (approved for up to 35 CEUs through various organizations) Granting prior approval from outside organizations does not constitute endorsement of the program content or its program sponsor.  Prepare for auditing certification now! Space is limited, register soon!

Register Online for one of the Intensive Chart Auditing Practicums Here!


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