"2017 OIG Work Plan for Auditors Webinar!"
Approved for 3 CEUs


Learn what the areas of focus are for the government and OIG.  Be prepared to be overloaded with a wealth of information. Plus, as additional value, auditing tips and other areas of focus will be reviewed that you won't want to miss.   Recorded webinar also includes the 2017 OIG Work Plan and presentation handout.

This webinar is FREE to AHCAE members. Non-members will be able to purchase the webinar for $125.00.

"3-Day CPC Intensive Training!"

April 26-28, 2017 (CPC exam 4/29/17)

Join us in Denver, CO for a 3-Day CPC Intensive Training to prepare attendees for the CPC examination. This training will also prepare attendees for AHIMAs CCS-P examination.

Contact RLinker@ahcae.org for registration information.


EMR Auditing Essentials Workshop!

Approved for 7 CEUs
(Watch for future dates or book a workshop at your location!)

Join our instructor team for this 1-day workshop, packed with information to reduce risks and audit appropriately electronic medical record (EMR) documentation. Copy, paste, cloning and other common error issues will be addressed with compliant solutions. What is an appropriate attestations, amendment or addendum? What about scribes? 

In this session, attendees will review multiple  EMR documents and will explore the problems commonly associated with audit failure, that are found within the documentation. To count or not to count, that’s the question many auditors and coders have.  Documenting compliantly will reflect the quality of patient care while assisting with a defensible electronic medical record.

Tools and resources will be provided to each attendee to begin using immediately!

Auditing for NPP's Workshop!
(2 days)
Approved for 14 CEUs
(Watch for future dates or book a workshop at your location!)

Join our instructor team for this 2-day workshop!  Physicians aren't the only providers being looked at under the radar screen. Over the past few years, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has increased its focus on auditing various non-physician practitioners (NPP) services due to the increase of claims submissions. AHCAE is committed to all provider types within the healthcare community.  This workshop will cover state scope and federal regulatory guidelines for non-physician practitioners and the auditing issues and challenges frequently encountered by various provider types.

This workshop is a compliance must for any NPP and for all who audit, employ or work with non-physician practitioners!


Medicare Annual Wellness Visits: 
Get it right the first time!"  

Webinar Recording

 Critical regulatory understanding is crucial since health care reforms introduction of Medicare preventative health benefits. This law allows physicians to be paid for services from annual wellness visits to obesity counseling.  You'll want to purchase this outstanding webinar by certified auditor and consultant, Kathy Rock.


  • Review the components of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and discuss documentation tips to meet the guidelines.
  • Learn about local coverage decisions and instructions regarding billing of the services.
  • Understand the documentation difference s between the initial Annual Wellness Visit (HCPCS G0438) and subsequent Annual Wellness Visit (HCPCS G0439).
  • This  presentation will also outline the new Medicare screening and counseling services including obesity counseling, and tips throughout to take back to get it right the first time!

    This webinar has taken place and has been taped. As always, AHCAE events are priced low, only $50.00 for AHCAE members and $125.00 for non-members and will earn 2 CEUs through AHCAE!

    Purchase Online Now!

"Is it Incident Three?: New Developments in the Medicare Incident To Policy"

Webinar Recording

This webinar on " Incident-To" was a huge success.  You can still purchase the program recording and receive the handouts. Learn first hand from one of the original authors of the "Incident To" policy, whats new and possibly changing. 

From this audioconference, attendees will learn about: 

  • The basic requirements of the Medicare incident to policy
  • Recent issues related to the Medicare incident to policy
  • New government activities enforcing the Medicare incident to policy
  • Practical tips to ensure full compliance with the Medicare incident to policy
  • If you work with non-physician practitioners, you won't want to miss this webinar. Reduce your risks and be prepared by learning from one of the authors what the correct interpretations really are!

    This webinar has been taped and is priced at only $50.00 for AHCAE members ($200.00 for non-members) and is approved for 2 CEUs through AHCAE!

    Purchase Online Now!
Other Chart Auditing and Educational Courses - Live Trainings!

 Join our expert auditor instructors at these 1-2 day information packed seminars for hands-on learning experience for true-life comprehension. The cost is so affordable for each of these workshops, you won't want to miss out. 
Check back frequently as AHCAE will be providing ongoing educational and training sessions. AHCAE has available experts to assist with training that cover a span of over 16 specialties.  Request a specific or tailored training program and we'll come to you!   

Surgical Chart Auditing Workshops      

This seminar is essential for surgical chart auditors. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, this session is for you. Surgical chart auditing techniques for abstraction and understanding will be taught by one of our expert auditor instructors. Attendees will learn about the most common surgical challenges frequently encountered by auditors and how to apply key principles and correct interpretation to the federal guidelines.       

Sign up now!   


Coding, Compliance and Practice Management Courses 

 The AHCAE is proud to offer various educational programs that will also include preparation for coding certification exams, compliance certification exams and practice management exams.  Instructors are licensed and are highly experienced with multiple years of knowledge from working in these healthcare industries. Three and 4 day Coding Certification Boot Camps are also available for on and off-site requests.

Inquire at info@ahcae.org for additional information and check back frequently or contact our office for other schedules, or to schedule an onsite or private educational session.

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